E.R.P.S. is a totally modern, state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly crematory service. A generational, family business since 2001, we are centrally located in the beautiful Columbia Gorge area (between Oregon & Washington), where we continue to build and maintain meaningful, lasting relationships with our clientele.

E.R.P.S works with your local veterinarian to provide personal service to you and your family. We are also available to kennels, breeders and private citizens. We offer a variety of urns, boxes and bags for the purposes of at-home burial or display of your beloved pet’s remains, with many options for customization. Please ask your veterinarian for more information.

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Your Pet is More than a Mere Animal

They have been a faithful friend, a companion to you through sickness and health. They have been there to comfort and provide solace through difficult times. They have defended you, your children, your home and property. They have demanded the least, and given the most.

Environmentally Friendly

Cremation is an environmentally sound way to return your loved one back to nature, or to maintain their presence in your home as a constant reminder of their love and cherished memories. It is a centuries-old process by which the remains of the deceased are reduced to a sandy ash of basic elements. It’s simple, clean and dignified, and our facility is EPA approved and adheres to their strict guidelines. Your “ashes” can be scattered safely outdoors, or mixed with wildflower seeds to create a blooming memorial garden year after year. We also offer 100% biodegradable burial bags, another sustainable option for at-home burial. Cremation maintains the same standards of respect and dignity as a traditional burial, with additional options for you and our planet.



We guarantee to return your pet’s ashes, and only your pet’s ashes, in a timely, professional manner. It is our goal to make this difficult time for you and your family as simple as possible.

For the purposes of at-home burials, we provide two great options: scatter urns, a friendly way to say good-bye to your loved one, in a place you shared many memories together; or a complete line of 100 percent biodegradable burial bags, another option for your beloved pet that is good for you and our planet. Please ask your veterinarian for more information.