Scatter Urn

Contemporary – simple, light weight, lid pops on and off easily


Velvet Bag

Pretty – fits over scatter urn, multiple colors, drawstring close


Hardwood Urn

Handsome – flat wood base; upright, rectangular box – screws open & shut, lacquer finish


Ceramic Urn (White)

Classy – short pedestal, rounded middle, decorative lid is fragile


Custom Alderwood Urn

Personalized – flat wood base; upright or tabletop box – screws open & shut, decorative wood or tile options


Brass Urn

Distinctive – flat bottom, rounded middle, screw-on lid has decorative paws in copper or brass


Rosewood Urn

Lovely – rectangular box – screws open & shut, gold decorative corners, gold inlayed pawprint on top


Medium Tile (6″x6″) Wall Frame

Simple – cherry wood, square, picture frame with tile insert – lots of decorative options available


Cremation Necklace (21″ Chain)

Plain Cylinder Pendant
Glass Cylinder Pendant
Paw Print Cylinder Pendant
Paw Print Heart Pendant
Cross Pendant

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*Urns may be purchased without cremation*

*Prices in addition to cremation cost*